Rent Ski Clothing in Austria - three good reasons!

December 15, 2020

skibekleidung mieten statt kaufen

Everyone is talking about climate change and what we as consumers – and skiers – can do about it. The “reduce, re-use, recycle” mantra has been joined by a new eco-trend:

Buying is out. Renting is in.

It has long been the norm to rent skis and boots in ski resorts, however the trend for ski clothing rental has taken a bit more time, and grit, to push through. SkiGala has proudly been part of the so-called sharing economy for three ski seasons.

Here are three good reasons to rent your skiwear this winter:

Save Resources: The global textiles sector accounts for a whopping 10% of world-wide CO2 emissions and 20% of global grey water – yuk! Producing skiwear requires energy and resources such as synthetic fibres that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, skiwear that is seldom used is resource inefficient. “Sharing is caring” really applies to ski clothing and can lessen the environmental burden on Mother Earth.

Save Money: Good skiwear is expensive. And cheap skiwear is cheap, so it doesn’t keep you warm and dry on the slopes. The average skier wears their skiwear less than 15 times over the course of ownership. That’s right, most of the time, the skiwear is hanging in the closet!

Based on the average price of a good quality adult ski jacket and ski pants, you can rent ski clothing for your ski week every year for 5 years and still save money. Plus, you can rent a different brand name ski jacket every season, so it feels like new. More choice for less – how cool is that?

Super Pragmatic: Renting skiwear saves you a lot of hassle. Firstly, you can travel with less luggage, secondly, you save on 51 weeks of storage every year, and thirdly, you save on laundry because we do it for you. Hence you get more and spend less. Wait, that’s 3 more convincing arguments!

Rental ski clothing offers a great service for skiers and contributes to sustainable living. Quite simply, SkiGala offers more for less. Pretty convincing, right? 

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