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SkiSuitRental = SkiGala

November 20, 2019

SkiSuitRental = SkiGala

The SkiGala Re-branding Story




Many of our skiers have heard the news that changed its name over the summer to become

What’s in a name, you may ask? In our experience, quick a lot. After three years as a start-up, a name change is a risky proposition. So why did we do it?

While there was nothing inherently wrong with the name SkiSuitRental, there was nothing inherently right with it either. Here is why we changed our brand name: 

  1. Target Market

When SkiSuitRental was first established in 2016, the target market was Great Britain and international fly-in skiers. We believed at the time that Austria and Germany would have less interest in our service. Happily, we were wrong!

The Austrians and Germans love our service just as much as the Brits and the international fly-in skiers. However, the English name was causing a few difficulties. Some skiers thought we offered ski “suites”, or hotel rooms, so it was all a bit confusing.

Our team realized that we needed a new name for the German-speaking market however we did not want to have two names for two markets. We needed a name that worked well and was easy to spell in both the English and German-speaking markets. Hence SkiGala was born!

  1. Better Software

SkiSuitRental was built on a system that was state-of-the-art in 2016. By 2019 however, our back-office system was like a dinosaur. There were also a few factors in the ordering process that the old system could not accommodate. We needed a major software update, essentially meaning a new website. It was really a case of out with the old and in with the new according to Sounds Good Agency. We are pleased that the new website has a fresh new look with easy navigation and a seamless ordering process!

  1. Logo & Font

What’s in a logo, you may ask again? And again, in our experience, quite a lot! The original logo and font in particular were based on some Austrian alpine designs. Austrians understood the logo and appreciated the retro flair of the font. But that is where it ended. Our international skiers did not have the positive alpine association with our logo. We even heard whispers of “old-fashioned” and “fuddy-duddy”.

Hence the new SkiGala logo and font are fresh and modern and they appeal to our international skiers.


  1.  A Gala Event

The new name is not only easy to pronounce and spell in both English and German, it also reflects the special occasion that our skiers experience. About 70% of our skiers are not from Austria. They are travelling from far and wide to ski in the beautiful Austrian Alps. It’s kind of a big event.

We wanted to share the specialness of the occasion with our skiers. They are excited about their ski holiday and look forward to it months in advance. Going skiing is an event, after all, it’s a gala, a SkiGala.

So that is our re-branding story. It was about lessons learned, expanding markets and recognising the uniqueness of the skiing experience. We are still the same great team, providing the same great brands and the same flawless service. We are still always ready for snow!

SkiGala - Always ready for snow!    +436769346690


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